Monday, August 25, 2014

Nancy Grossman Discovered!! (Better eventually than never)

Ah, the library. It's one of the culture's few assets. 

Generously donated to the Albuquerque system by the Richard A. Freedman Trust, it's a beautiful artifact that was compiled to accompany the exhibit of the same title (curated by Ian Berry 2/18/12 - 5/20/12). It does a splendid job of showcasing Ms. Grossman's varied talents.  

Most astonishing was the fact that many of the pieces were done in the late 60s. The bracing realization that it takes MUCH longer for those of us in the fly-over states to get a clue set me to worrying abt what else I've missed. (Perhaps LSD has made a comeback?)  

Having spent my formative years in the marketing department of UNM Press, I'm appreciative of design. Thus, it was with focused interest that I perused the credits. There were two, designers, that is...Barbara Glauber of Heavy Meta and Florian Brozek

The photographers are too numerous to list, but I found it interesting that the three that caught my eye (pp. 144,145, 147) were among the unattributed. (There is a request for information on the copyright page.) 

Well worth a trip into town.
Mil Gras! to the Freedman Trust.

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