Friday, July 4, 2014

Kim R. Fuka - Ranchester, Wyoming

I noticed the sign for Indian Art in Ranchester (red on yellow next to pole), but it was late in the day and I wanted to get to the Bighorn Nat'l Forest and make camp.

But I had time the next day and followed the arrow through the alley to the gallery. Unfortunately, it was closed. But the business card taped to the door had a number. Ah whuppt out muh trusty cell, 'n' begin tuh punchin' numbers. ('Member duh daiz when we dialed?) It wuz then ah heard sumbody yellin'. Ah turned tuh see a guy and dog approaching. He allowed as how the dawg wharn't too friendly and sed he'd return after putting him away. 

When he came back he unlocked the door to the unprepossessing house

and we stepped into an oasis. The mix of old and new is museum quality and arranged in way that inspires comfort and curiosity. 

Kim R. Fuka came to the area in the early '70s from the south side of Chicago. Over the years he's raised two boys, now 19 and 20, and has developed a relationship with the Crow Tribe such that all three have been adopted in. This Spring he's featured in an article on pages 10 and 11 of Destination Sheridan magazine, a bi-annual publication showcasing the cultural amenities of the area.

Renowned for his quill work, Fuka can barely keep up with the demand. Custom orders are welcome and he also does restoration. He can be reached by phone at 307-655-9157 or via email at

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