Saturday, October 19, 2013

Priest's Hole - John Day River, Oregon

Dennis Prince (see Kindness of Strangers) alerted me to Priest's Hole. If he hadn't, I doubt I'd have noticed the small sign at the turnoff. It's a beautiful spot and being Lucky Herrmann, the most beautiful campspot was available. But they're all good. And there's even a pit toilet.

Nearing Camp

If you backtrack from the pit toilet to the turnoff that goes "upriver," and go maybe about 1/4 mile (at the most) there's a turn to the right that goes down through the trees as seen in the photo above and below. 

Shielded From View


Just beyond the trees is the "landing" from which I took the next few pictures. It's big enough for a couple of medium-size rigs. 

View at Camp

Lucky Herrmann


Mya said...

Very useful information. Thanks for sharing! Looks simple, beautiful, quiet, and peaceful all near the Painted Hills. Just what I'm looking for.

MFH said...

Hello Mya! I rarely share information about specific places anymore. It seems the burgeoning masses, mostly we Boomers, are returning to their hippie roots and taking to the byways. It's increasingly difficult to find some solitude. But I posted this before I accrued my "Attitude." Hope you enjoy. Thanks for stopping by.