Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kumho Solus KR21 Tires - Ripoff

After less than 13,000 miles my Solus KR21 tires were a hair's breadth from the Need To Be Replaced marker. I estimate 20% of those miles were on dirt which, altho' I have no scientific evidence for my surmisal, I surmise to be "softer" than pavement -- and thus SHOULD have helped them last longer?

So a tire that's rated for 85,000 miles actually wears out at 15,000. Doing the math, that's barely more than 15% of the advertised life. Kumho said to work it out with the dealer, but wouldn't comment on the tire's (lack of) longevity.

After some wrangling -- we have three vehicles kept shod by these folks -- the dealer prorated the usage and I accepted a set of General Altimax RT s. They don't prorate their Road Hazard Warranty so after paying for "certificates" for each of the new tires and the disposal fee for the old ones I was out another $100.00. When I pointed this out the Dealer said to take it up with Kumho. Kumho never replied to either phone calls or emails.

Let the buyer beware, eh? Or is it P.T. Barnum's quote?

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