Friday, June 28, 2013

Dyer Nevada Reprised

While in Dyer, Nevada the other day I stopped at the Dyer Bar and their competition, The Boonies. Dyer Bar is a smokers' bar; The Boonies is non-smoking. I liked the ambiance of The Boonies better, but there's more room in Dyer Bar to get exercised (have a fight).

The high point was a visit to the library where I met Olivia. She demonstrated her "teeth & claws" technique on the librarian's hand and I duly kept mine to myself.

The library has internet access but not wifi. It's neat as a pin, the librarian is welcoming and even indulged me with a bit of interesting chat. Five stars!!

The mountains outside Dyer are almost completely pinon. The understory includes lots of beavertail cactus. They were blooming the day I was there.

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