Sunday, June 17, 2012

Omnivores' Delight - Dave's Custom Meat Shop

In Evanston, Wyoming I chanced upon Dave's Custom Meat Shop.  After gassing up at The Maverick (supreme $3.77/gal ) I took an exploratory turn (Let's see where THIS goes) to scout the town.  As I emerged from an underpass, I spotted Dave's -- big as life. 

While traveling in The Yukon the other day I was invited to dinner at the home of an artist. Her husband had shot a bison so that's what we had. I was surprised at the flavor. Since then I've preferred it to beef. Besides phenomenally lower in cholesterol its milder flavor makes beef seem gamy. Like beef though, I enjoy it raw. So it was with pleasure I found Dave's had some and the price was around $8.50 per pound, a bit cheaper than most other places.

I also bought a pound of Dave's Smoked Sausage (approx. $5.65/pd). I let the sausage thaw in the afternoon sun on the dashboard as I toodled along at my death-inducing speed (they come upon me so fast most lay rubber standing on their brakes) of around 40 miles an hour. To facilitate the process I slit open the package. I quickly found myself doing "The Pavlovian." I had soon eaten it all.

As with the cupcakes (see: June 21, 2012), I was thrown back to childhood. This time to the public pool in Germany where for lunch we ate bratwurst and gummi bears purchased from small, privately-owned stands. My taste buds were undoubtedly  influenced by the heady combination of chlorine and the company of my German girlfriend, but I've yet to find the equal of those pool-side wursts. But Dave's brought back the memories.

During the night I put out to thaw a package of Dave's bison. In the morning I was surprised to find it was separated into patties with paper dividers between each (elves!!). I had it  for breakfast, straight from the wrapping, similar to beef tare-tare. It vuz excellent!!! Augmented with a bit of bell pepper and onion, it made for a fine supper. Hear yea all you omni/carne vores....Dave's is a must-stop when in Evanston. Please tell them you saw it here.

Daves Custom Meat shop
20 County Rd
Evanston,Wyoming  82930
Ph: 307-789-6555

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