Sunday, April 29, 2012

Home On The Range

I had been on the road to Canada about a week (summer 2010) when I stopped for the night on a Wyoming mesa. The dirt road was a county connector between "highways."

I drove off-road (apologizing PROFUSELY to the plants) to be out of range of headlights in the night. I was reading when I noticed the light had changed. I looked up to see a magnificent sunset streaming o'er low clouds.

To the east, a squall advanced. The sun worked its magic.

As the storm moved closer the rain raised puffs of dust. Then, a complete, end-to-end double rainbow formed.

The light kept changing. (Different from traffic lights.)

The other end.

As the clouds dispersed the cerule peeked from behind and I knew, once again, I'd found my way home.


John W. Abert said...

Hi Michael,
Great pictures and so surreal to be that close to both ends of a rainbow! But I only have one question... if you found "home" then how come you ended up back in Albuquerque? (Although it is very nice, too!) And although the Wyoming pics are nice in summer temps, it's nice to be farther south when the snow flies!

jozien said...


MFH said...

The photos don't even BEGIN to convey the beauty. I'm always amazed at your photographs, Ms.!

MFH said...

I store the vehicle I'm not using in Albuquerque. Thus, I returned there last September to switch from the Metro to the van. I intended to spend the winter on the Sea of Cortez. Plans changed when I was rear-ended (in the van) while stopped at a light. I spent the winter being treated for whiplash.