Thursday, October 12, 2017

White's - Cleaned & Oiled

After ten months of hard use they rival a Timex.

Check out that fine gusset courtesy of Melissa McDonald, seamstress extraordinaire. It/they enable me to get in and out of my pants with ease.....a requisite when one stumbles upon an orgy.

The chairs are heirlooms from the Central Holiday Inn in El Paso. My mom was, in 1968, assistant to the regional director and The Inn was replacing them with new ("Throw 'em out," he commanded). She, recognizing their sturdiness, brought several home. Double-El recovered 'em ten years ago.


  1. Those are some stout looking boots. I can see why you like them. Love the gusset on the pants.

    1. Hello Allison!! They weigh 4.5 pds each so I get a good workout just strolling around in 'em. But the best part was having my innate German skepticism blown out of the water by how comfortable they are; like pulling on those proverbial kid gloves. As mentioned in the original post, they've been great since day one -- without even a "break-in" period.