Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Wit & Whimsy...off the deep end - Springville Museum of Art

More Beautiful 
by Gregory Abbott

The pain in the area of my kidney-liver (chicken-liver?) sent me in search of medical assistance. The need for a regular art fix sent me to the Payson-Provo-Springville (Springville Museum of Art!!) area. Wit & Whimsey at The Museum looked like "just the ticket."

The show includes work by twelve artists all of which are listed on the title card at the very bottom. Although I enjoyed the quilt show (see prev post), it's exhibits such as this that keeps Springville near the top of my "Return To" list.


What's the Point
by Marcee Blackerby (Facebook)

My fav....obviously.

The Tree of Knowledge


Allison said...

Well, are you better? Was it giardia? Just nosy, can't help myself. That quilt show is just a stunning thing. When we had the house I quilted a lot, but was never going to be that good.

MFH said...

All the tests came back negative. They referred me to a G.I. specialist who I will see on Wednesday in Salem, Utah, a few miles south of Provo. The pain in the kidney-liver area has slowly been "lessening," but the diarrhea continues. I was enjoying being oot and aboot again (not having to return to Albuquerque every few weeks), getting some exercise and beginning to drop some of the weight I'd put on. This has slowed me down. But after reading about Jim's travails I can see how it could (easily) be worse. I'm trying to be grateful for small favors, but as a Capricorn, it's not really my forte.