Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Little Moon Trading Post - Parowan, Utah

Just a quick note to encourage those of you passing through Parowan, Utah on interstate 15, 70 miles north of St. George to stop at Little Moon Trading.

It's a small shop on the right just after you turn the corner off highway 91 onto 143.

She makes most of the items herself including the moccasins, purses, earrings and bracelets. Her aesthetic, while fully accessible, is unique enough to provide the wearer with a cache more often only available through items purchased at much higher-priced venues. And there are some interesting rocks too.

Prices are so low I had to ask for confirmation.

She's open by whim so you may want to call or email ahead.
435-477-9072 (work)
435-590-0054 (cell)
24 East Center Street
Parowan, Utah

The road to Yankee Meadows, a few miles east of Parowan off 143.


Al Christensen said...

I hope you avoided the Brian Head fires.

MFH said...

I saw big smokes from behind distant hills somewhere behind Panguitch Lake. But Brian's Head was clear and bright. This was my first time through and although the small pond at the center of the complex looked as if it'll make for an idyllic skating "scene" come winter, the place was FAR too neatly groomed for my taste. I've been enjoying the week-long trip from Gunnison, UT to Ely, NV. I should make Ely yet this afternoon. It's about five miles away and it's only 6:07 p.m......time to make camp! Hope yer stain' cool.

Kelly Beeson said...

That fire is huge. Parowan is a smoky sad!!

MFH said...

Wow! I had no idea!!!