Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Trini Saavedra - Custom Crafter, Superb Mechanic

It was the day before that Dorothy, the owner of Koenig's Metalmorphosis in Albuquerque, had decided to just do art. I had to PLEAD to get her to accept the job of crafting Phoebe's roof rack. Once completed, she referred me to Trini Saavedra to attach it. He did a superb job.

Last weekend he built a frame for a cargo net. It'll give me a place for lightweight stuff such as my Arctic-Duty-Station blow-up doll, poncho, catfood, snacks, and before retiring for the night, my clothes. It has multiple attachment points and will also suspend the Wave 3 heater.

Trini used to build and race mud-boggers. He gave the winnings to a charity for children with terminal cancer. He still builds custom motorcycles, mainly Harleys, and is a master body and paint man. I recommend him for all your repair and custom-crafted needs.

I damn near shouted out loud it looked so real!!!

Note webb below seat. Fender is rebar. Someone else did the upholstery.