Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Incredible Valentine!!

I attribute it, in part, to an early childhood in the military -- we moved nearly every six months -- and I, like many children who moved often, learned to connect quickly.

It was also due, in part, to their romanticism -- breakfasts at sunrise after a night spent dancing; wine with dinner, fine china and silver ware; original art on the walls, sculptures; a wide range of music and an appreciation of diversity.

Thus, my relationships can be deeply intimate even when sprung forth from a brief encounter.

So it was that I heard of the years-long struggle by their daughter and her husband to become pregnant. And as you're no doubt aware, modern science, ignoring the fact that there are plenty of people already here, has pursued techniques for adding to the population when the usual method is unsuccessful.

Choosing as I did (TMI TMI alert!) to get vesectomized at age 22, I'm prone to the gimlet eye when confronted with the holiday pictures of the 40-50 people that now constitute some of the "families." Having had several children, frequently with a series of wives, their children carry on the tradition: a tradition of FAMILY VALUES (It's okay as long as they're serial.),...and lack of social conscience. Thank god there are some who aren't opposed to supporting another's offspring.

So it was with astonishment that I felt my eyes fill with tears as I read the txt announcing the heard heartbeat heralding the successful in vitro fertilization. At least I know, unlike many of the children I met when I had my business providing after-school programs, *this* one will be loved.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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