Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Bring It On!!

The stroll to Falls Creek Falls took us the better part of 2 1/2 hours. It's just under a mile and Smith walked most of the time. Her pace is similar to mine, stopping every couple of hundred feet to take in the view, sniff the flower and see what might be in this hole.

She was on her palanquin (see banner image at top of blog) when the family with the lab came by. Ignoring the dog, she surprised us all when the boy, ageish 7, reached up to pet her and she let out a take-no-prisoners hiss. Embarrassed, I explained she was young and inexperienced, but her prosody prompted the grandfather to ask if she was some kind of wild cat.

At camp I tried a game Sophie, who died in 2010, used to enjoy. Clomping heavily, in a crouch, with arms extended and fingers wriggling, I moved slowly toward her saying, "Closer...and closer. I'm gonna getchya." As with the child, she went on the offensive. With full Zucchini Tail and arched back, she advanced on stiff-legged tipee-toe -- leaving no question that I should be saying my prayers. Then she heard my hooting chuckle (see video).


Michelle Cook said...

What a beast!! Snaaaaaaaa!!! Run, run for your life. I bet she sheds, too.

Anonymous said...

yep, most kitties shed, but the solution is far from complicated. Brush the kitty on a daily bases,place the collected hair in a plastic bag, dump it in the trash can; mission accomplished. Good for the kitty, good for the lackey!

Good Luck Duck said...

"I amuse you? I make you laugh?"