Thursday, September 24, 2015

Brint Brown's TR3

I'm continually amazed by the timing. I'd spent the day exploring dirt tracks off highway 128 and had just returned from the one that begins at The Dewey Bridge. I was swigging water and contemplating my next move when a TR3 turned into the parking area. I nearly choked!! 

I'd owned one in my youth and that experience plus a later one with a Triumph Bonneville 650 motorcycle had inspired awe for anyone that ventured more than a few blocks from their mechanic. And here, at The Bridge, it's 25 MILES to Moab! 

Brint Brown became enamored of British cars in his teens and has (and still does) owned several including 40 years with the gleaming specimen shown above. He bought it from a friend whose parents used to drive it, on weekends, from Salt Lake City to Elko, Nevada (naivete/chutzpah?!!).

He also told the tale of the bridge. When you're there you'll notice there's no deck...just cables dangling like a bunch of dead daddy-longlegs. Brint said a local philanthropist paid for the bridge's restoration and it was, for years, enjoyed by hikers and sight-seers from near and far. Then, in 2008, an unsupervised 6-year-old set fire to the bosque. When the fire reached the bridge, the deck, which was wood, went up in smoke...leaving nought, as you'll see, but the cables.

When Brint heard I needed water he invited me to his shop where I got to see his other vehicles: a 1973 Land Rover that looked as if it'd just come in from an episode of Marlin Perkins' Wild Kingdom 

and a 1968 VW camper bus with its original wood paneling still gleaming under a fine coat of dust. He also has a '60s model Baja Bug with the full sunroof that extends back to the rear seats. All were in road-ready condition and only in need of fuel and a battery to be on their way.

He said he'd started at the Porsche dealership after high-school and had been factory trained. He owned his own business for many years and since retiring does some work now and then for friends. But he said he'd be happy to recommend someone if you're in need. His shop, Sandstone Garage, is at 1238 S. Hwy 191, Moab. Phone: 801-259-8516.

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