Monday, April 13, 2015

Laguna Pueblo Arts Center

Next time you're on interstate 40 about forty miles West of Albuquerque, you may wanna stop at the Laguna Indian Arts Center of New Laguna Pueblo. They have some excellent Kachinas (including a few contemporary ones wearing tennis shoes), jewelry (there are/were a couple of money clips that are especially good deals) and much more...all of which is authentic, Native American crafted work.

Watch for the Laguna Burger exit and follow old route 66 about a New York block past the gas station. The Center sits back from the highway a little. The window at the left end (with the awning) is where they dispense the fry-bread.

It's family owned and operated. If you go, please say hi to Dom (short for Dominic) for me. And don't hesitate to engage with him or his friends on topics of discussion; the place is a hot-bed of debate.

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