Friday, February 20, 2015

Spring on the Rio Grande

I surmise this road's only been here a couple of decades. There're dead trees on the sides of the hills that look as if they may have been drowned; and what's here looks less than twenty years old. 

The hill I took the picture from looks like a sand bar left over from before the day when El Paso won their water suit. It was then that Elephant Butte Lake went from delusions-of-grandeur to just another southwestern puddle. A BIG plus was most of the power-boaters went away.

The Shy Bees 

There's a whisper of green that disappears if you look straight at it, but it was the droning of the bees swarming o'er the tender buds proved it. And the coyotes were feelin' so fine they sang again at noon. It's Spring!!

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