Thursday, August 21, 2014

Treasure Valley, Colorado

It's troo, I'll share locations on request, but this one is so high up and so far off the beaten path I figure most of you'll just enjoy the photos. It's on the one side-road that goes west a few miles south of Platoro. I forget the Forest Number, but if you search on Treasure Creek (Conejos County) you'll find it.

The profusion of the state flower was overwhelming!! But you can see pictures of them anywhere.

Photos just don't do it. When I came around the bend and saw the view below I stopped, got out, and spent the rest of the afternoon walking. I kept expecting Heidi to show up at any moment. Treasure Creek flows through on the far left side. 

This magnificent specimen was its sole representative.

Lookout Mountain and Lake De Nolda in the afternoon light. (Friggin rain!!!)

It gets wild in the upper altitudes!!

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