Friday, November 16, 2012

Coleman Jus' Ain't Makin' 'em Lak Day Yoostuh

I bought this after my Canadian Coleman suffered a devastating loss of a control rod.

It's A Stove

Modified Control Knob

I wanted one that would light with a steel & flint rather than a battery-operated, peizo-'lectric unit. I also appreciated that this one was ready-to-connect-to-a-five-gallon propane tank like the one used with most back-yard grills.

But watch out!! The controls on this unit are SSSSSSSOOOOOOOOO touchie I've had to resort to modifying them in order to simmer stuff (see image). Yessir, this he'ar unit mustah bin designed by the fellar that invented the flame-thrower. The burners adjust in increments of 1/32nd. And with a knob the size of a fifty cent piece, that means the slightest twitch takes you from "AwwWWWwww MaaaaaAAAAn, it went out AGAIN!"   to FULL BLAST.

I took the knob off to see if the nut behind it was loose; it was tight as a lemon-induced pucker.

I considered other models but this one retains the hinged-to-the-lid style windflaps. The latest fad of having the breeze-breakers fold over onto the grill when closed means that -- when deployed -- they impede the use of large pans. Coleman's are adjustable and can be folded into the lid out of the way when not needed.

I considered getting a unit without a lid or wind-flaps, but the lid acts as an early-warning device for raccoons and grizzlies. And sometimes the breeze-deflectors DO seem helpful. In other words, it'd be a decent stove if it weren't for the dangerous controls.

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John W. Abert said...

Hi Michael,

Sounds like the problem with touchy controls is something built into the design. I doubt there is much you can do with that. I've had a lot of problems with even the non-battery push button piezo ignitors in the past, and I don't like them. Our Coleman stove is probably over twenty years old by now, and lights with a match. It still works great and has infinite control on the flame. We always keep some of those "long reach" lighters in the rig for other things, including campfires, plus a few matches in waterproof metal containers, so we always have something to light a fire (or a stove) with. The only thing I can suggest is to make the store demonstrate it for you before you buy another one, or else go to Consumer Reports and see what they have to say, which is always a good way to buy "anything". I think it costs about $3 a month for an online membership, and it can save you that much and more.

It's good you're headed back to warmer weather. Stay in touch.