Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel

Life has taken such a wonderfully dramatic turn (she's close to my age) there's really nothing that can be written about. But it's entertaining (at least for me) to explore the depths of the mundane. I'd apologize, but since this is more a journal than a public forum, I'll just keep my fingers crossed you're bored enough to leave a sardonic remark...or two.

I'm in the Sierras where they take pride in good food. The chicken is, of course, antibiotic free, Montessori-educated and (it's rumored) enjoyed a vibrant social life replete with multiple roosters to choose from. Interestingly, you can taste the diff.

Bu there's the little matter of the napkin that comes under the meat. In this case it looked very similar to salmon roe. Any idea what it is?

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Vicious Sage

It was near Cave Lake outside Ely (Nevada) while riding the edge to avoid high-centering that one of those vicious sages leaped out and punched through the sidewall.

Lacking a tire of even approximate size, they patched the hole and put in a tube. It lasted all of three hundred feet up the first little rocky bit.

Now running on the spare from town to town, I tried Eureka, currently in Austin and hope to make it to Fallon yet this afternoon. Stuck on the tarmac, I'm too olde and phat to venture much more than a few miles off the beaten track without a spare. No fun : - (

My kingdom for a 205/75R15.