Thursday, November 17, 2016

Annual Physical & Sylvia Murphy's Blog

Yes, even *I* get checked once a year for STIs. These years it's nothing more than a tradition; a reminder of yesteryears when I could, at least, with only a little exaggeration, manufacture some risk. 

This glowing tube is birdwatching.

For those interested in Colorado, you might enjoy Sylvia Murphy's blog.


Anonymous said...

There you are...welcome back, you & kitty were missed !!

MFH said...

Thank you, thank you. We are, of course, anxious to leave but will get an eye exam, shutdown the cooler, prune the elm and reconnect with "The Droxie" as Dana, Fox and Trixie, Double El's three cats, are known. One El and I will celebrate th holiday (Double El has to work) and then I'll return to the wilds. Maybe we can meet for coffee?

Good Luck Duck said...

I like those nostalgic traditions.

MFH said...

Yeah, sometime in the past I vowed a tradition of LSD once a year. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any since 1983. And on the rare occassions I've asked, they looked at me as if I must be a cop; no one my age takes acid. I have to admit that, given the chance, it's a tradition I'm not sure I'm still capable of upholding...but it might be fun to try. ; - )