Monday, November 21, 2016

Accordion Babes 2017 Calendar

Nine days left to preorder the Accordion Babes Pinup calendar. Mine came today and it's awesome!!! And it comes with a CD that includes a tune by each of the women. Here's the link.

Two vids of Calendar Project Leader: Renee de le Prade

Nerd Love

Her latest....

Get out the Lube America

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  1. I listened to the lube song. AWESOME.

    1. Yeah, as I travel and meet folks from elsewhere, it's discouraging to hear how America is perceived: uneducated, stupid (proud of their ignorance), monolingual, materialistic, greedy...the list goes on. If it weren't for the beauty and solitude of The West, I'd leave. I really wonder what the folks (who voted for him) think he's going to do to make their lives better.