Sunday, November 27, 2016

A Library

This surfaced while piddling through the hard drive. It was (originally) in the window in Beatty, Nevada....was that May? Might have been April.

Still need to sow those Calif poppy seeds in the front 40, then begin packing. Should be camped, instead of "housed," by tomorrow afternoon. Still, it's always tough leaving the Michellles. 


  1. I'll curious, who are ' the Michelles '?

    1. Two long-term-relationships. Both named Michelle, but one spells it with one el. When together we refer to them as One El or Double El. When writing about them collectively I use three Els. One El was my supervisor at UNM Press in 1986. Double El is the daughter of my sister's high school art teacher. We met in '93 and she was the first artist I represented when I transitioned from banking to art (marketeering). Although no longer physically intimate, we are, the three of us, a family.

    2. Thanks for the explanation. I was truly wondering about those 3 ' l ' s on the name, I thought perhaps it was typo.

    3. I HAVE been known to make an occasional typo, but as Marketing Analyst at UNM Press I put together ads for The New York Review of Books, Bloomsbury Review, other prestigious publications and scholarly jrnls. I also wrote jacket copy for many of the books published from '86 - '91. And though there was a proofer in the printing plant, the Mktng Dept boss expected us to reflect the level of expertise she demonstrated...and she was awesome!! Nearly all the ones here are purposeful. Thanks for asking.

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    1. It thought of you when I found it.