Friday, September 11, 2015

Silverton Green Works - Colorado

So there I was trudging from gallery to gallery jonesing for some art when the muse giggled. I went inside and there, just waiting to be appreciated, were three paintings by Jon Schneck. It's the Silverton Green Works on 13th Street, a recreational marijuana store. 

Jon checked out about ten years ago, but one of the owners, Jason Carroway, knew him and has had the paintings for many years.

Only 39, Jason had had a stroke six weeks earlier. Still reveling in being able to talk, he kindly took time to tell me about Mr. Schneck. He'd known him since he was six and said Jon was eccentric and kept to himself. His mom knew him better and when he died he'd left her his paintings. There are over 100 and they have yet to see them...they're in a storage locker. He said he's had these three for many years and considers them priceless.

When I asked about the store, Jason said he spent a year and a half getting to know folks around the state before deciding who he wanted to work with. The "foyer" has a couple of couches and overstuffed chairs and feels like a living room. And with the paintings and some large photographs of the Durango-Silverton Train, it's a lot like a gallery. 

                           Philip Carmody (on right) is co-owner and manager. 

The store is in the back -- must be 21 to enter -- with  friendly people carefully chosen by Jason. Our conversation was intense and focused on entrepreneurship and the importance of relationships.


Ghglenn said...

These are great... Salvador Dali and Frida Kahlo had a love child?

MFH said...

LOL!! What a concept(ion)!!