Sunday, April 19, 2015

Comb Wash, Utah

Made famous by Edward Abbey, I wandered in from the north side. The sand/clay gets deep enough to prompt Eggbert to considerations of high-centering, but momentum carried the day.

Looking North.



drivetofive said...

That's beautiful. I grew up in southern Utah and don't remember hearing about Comb Wash.

MFH said...

Hi Drivetofive,

Some folks know it as Comb Ridge...made famous by Edward Abbey in one (or several) of his books. It's one of the places where 4whl drive could be helpful as there are long stretches of what appears to be sand, but is, in fact, clay. And as with the Overland Expo (see: this past weekend, when it gets wet there's nothing to do but wait. It was threatening rain so I moved camp up to Valley of the Gods. I look forward to visiting again.