Sunday, July 2, 2017

Vicious Sage

It was near Cave Lake outside Ely (Nevada) while riding the edge to avoid high-centering that one of those vicious sages leaped out and punched through the sidewall.

Lacking a tire of even approximate size, they patched the hole and put in a tube. It lasted all of three hundred feet up the first little rocky bit.

Now running on the spare from town to town, I tried Eureka, currently in Austin and hope to make it to Fallon yet this afternoon. Stuck on the tarmac, I'm too olde and phat to venture much more than a few miles off the beaten track without a spare. No fun : - (

My kingdom for a 205/75R15.


Jozien Keijzer said...

oh dear that is quite the ..sage.
I did get your lovely eucalyptus leave in the mail, it wards of evil spirits, but this was a wise one (sage) you say?

MFH said...

Vicious, evil, cruel & nasty!!! Wise? I don't *think* so! ; - )