Thursday, February 23, 2017

Trona Pinnacles

Toying with the idea of crossing over into Death Valley, I practiced my self-titillation at the southern end of Panamint Valley. A nice stopping place a few miles south of Trona, The Pinnacles are anomolous tufa in a sea of sedimentary.

It rained for two days occluding the view. So we waited. With a strong showing of azure and some white fluffies for contrast, the road was a hopscotch of puddlea (how's THAT for a plural?) & ponds. As a topper, there's a steep hill and a small sea (without the rain probly an unnoticeable depression) just before the info plaques.



Along the way we'd waved to a Honda Accord, but they didn't stop to say whether they'd walked the last half mile down the escarpment or over the great water.


I kept Smith leashed as there were people about. It's a popular spot with dispersed camping allowed throughout the area.

PHOEBE!!! (Named after the Gates' daughter)


Jozien Keijzer said...

cool! the hot landscape

Ghglenn said...

A very cool spot -- very Rodin-like sculptural forms. But, it's tufa not tuff. The latter is volcanic ash the former is a hot spring deposit (see for example the active tufa towers at Mono Lake).

Pepper McKean said...

Beautiful pictures!

MFH said...

Glenn, Thanks for the correction. I *did* read how the deposits were formed but it got lost in the interstice between the reading & writing.

MFH said...

Interesting you should mention Rodin. I was talking with someone the other day about his work and how I also like Maillol's. Zaftig ist Sehr Gut, Yah? Link below is to images of work by Maillol.

MFH said...

Thank you. It was surprisingly more picturesque than expected. The description said brown rock in brown landscape. But the forms are BIG so there's some real contrast with the surrounding flatness. Plus, it had rained two full days prior so the ground was dark with "the wet" and with the dramatic clouds and bright blue sky it was MAGICAL!

MFH said...

Yes, this time of year it's quite pleasant. But Death Valley, where temperatures reach 120 degrees fahrenheit, is just over the mountains to the East and I suspect in a couple of months the place will be unbearable.