Friday, August 26, 2016

Coos Bay, Port Orford and More

The intermittent miss was diagnosed as a faulty Throttle Position Sensor. They didn't have the right one and claimed they couldn't find one anywhere in the WHOLE U.S of A. I went down the street to Autozone and was able to get it overnight...only $425.00. Restoring a vintage auto has similarities with being a cat-lackey -- patience and deep pockets are requisite.

Carol Malley in Port Orford is closing her gallery at the end of the month. She has an extraordinary art collection from which I purchased several pieces. There's also a collection of Persian rugs from several Middle-eastern countries. Prices are very low. It's called The Annex and is next door to the Wild Rivers Land Trust. Her frame shop is on the south side of the Trust.

The Blackberry Festival is happening in Coos Bay tomorrow...and Sunday too.

Monday is spay-day for Smith. I ordered a Security Walking Jacket from Hyendry that''s due to arrive Tuesday so we'll be hanging out until then. 

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