Monday, May 2, 2016

Bluebird Diner & Power Place

I'm guessing about ten miles west of Kayenta (Arizona, U.S.)

N 36.44060 degrees W 110.74881 

or 36 degrees 26.437' W 110 degrees 44.929' 

On highway 160 about four miles w of the intersection of highway 98.





SEVEN TENTHS OF A MILE NORTH A RED SIGN ADVERTISES THE POWER PLACE. It's some kind of christian deal, but there're some buildings next to the highway with a chain link around them. There's an inviting opening in the link, not a cut, and a trail leading into the "compound."

It's like, WOW, Dood! Check it out.

Across the whey is a small house. The fence is too close to get the whole scene into the picture. You realize you're gonna hav tuh exit and walk around.

It was then I noticed the writing.

I'm like....hmmmm. Yuh know, it's troo. And all those times I'v listened to white people say how nice the Navajo are. And in general, they are.

But there's still a strong, lingering of the time I inadvertently camped on one of their suburb's doorsteps (see blogpost). The Tribal police were right there at 7:00 a.m. He said I upset a lot of people and asked me, ASKED ME, can you believe it?!!.... (rather than TELLING or arresting me or if I'd been in Albuq probly shooting me) leave.

As I was hot-footing it to the highway I pulled over to let an oncoming by. The driver, a guy about my age, stopped, rolled down his window and reamed me a new one. And furthermore, "I was just damned lucky the young bucks didn't beat the shit out of me like they did the last guy."

Boy, howdy, there's nothin' like makin' a mistake tuh make yuh feel humble. And after all the white folks have posted their properties and hung their Dixie flags and put up 12 foot steel fences along the border it's no WONDER. Tit for tat as they say.

Watch for the sign.....

Oh yeah, one more. You can see this pretty good from the highway, esp with binocs.

Whadya think it means, Russell?

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