Monday, April 11, 2016

Stove Stuff

The question came up (in conversation) the other day about whether I cook outdoors. Below is how it frequently happens; I was surprised at how much fuel I save by using Eggbert as a windblock.

Note re-purposed Avengers lunchbox now doing duty as a medicine cabinet (under platform).

It's a Coleman Triton with the piezo-igniter. The knobs aren't screwed on and within the first week one disappeared. When I wrote and complained, they sent a whole new stove.

While perusing their $150.00 model I noticed they'd done away with the side windscreens and added circular ones around the burner. I copied the idea using 5-inch tin.  

This $13.00 fuel filter from Sportsmans' Warehouse eliminated the need for ANY downstream cleaning.

Silverware Storage (clarinet case)

I'm slowly replacing the stainless with silverplate



Optimistic Existentialist said...

Fire up the grill, buddy! I am coming over.

Cheers from Germany.

hannah jane said...

That is quite the set up! It looks like you can cook everything with that!

MFH said...

Stop by anytime; always plenty to go around. I enjoyed your list of things different in Germany. I envy you and hope to get "home" again soon.

MFH said...
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MFH said...

Yes, after visiting the Yukon and discovering the Canadian Boy Scouts' recipe for Bannock ther was no stopping me. But I have yet to try making doughnuts.

Sukhi Hontu said...

Fabulous Kitchen!