Sunday, December 20, 2015


While spending time with loved ones in Albuquerque (New Mexico, USA), I exercise the option for protracted surfing. I was deep in a curl this morning and hanging ten when I found this.

A gentle nod to Pepper's Quotes in the upper right on Dear Hannah JanePepper often changes the quote, but the day I visited, December 15, 2015, the link from the quote went to here.

A little later I came across this.


Jozien Keijzer said...

ohhh cat, black, soft, what a beautiful cat, patient, relaxed, yet alert, a cat after all, nice contrast with the worn blue paint, genuine :)

hannah jane said...

Your goodreads quote makes me think of a Mister Rogers quote about making wishes come true. It's a long one, but two parts stand out. First, he says "it dawned on me how important it was that all of those wishes had not come true." He wanted to be a pilot, pianist, veterinarian, etc. Because he didn't get to be any of those things he actually ended up being the Mister Rogers we all know, a person that had such a positive impact on so many lives. Also he says, "What makes the difference between wishing and actually realizing our wishes? Lots of things of course. But the main one I believe is whether we link our wishes to our hopes and our hopes to our active striving."

MFH said...

Last year I discovered a copy of *The World According to Mr. Rogers* in the Globe, AZ library's For Sale room. It's definitely one of the Great Books. But, at this age, at least for many of us, of whom I suspect your mother was NOT one, our "active striving" pool has either evaporated or been drained. I'm fortunate to have been everywhere and done everything. But I worry about those just sitting there...afraid to venture forth. Some just give up. Can you write (Pretty PlEEZ) oh, say, 2,500 words on your mom's and yours philosophy(s)? I have the authorization to offer an "advance"....on of the original *Hired Hands* prints. The print would be mailed upon our receipt of your essay. Whaddya say?!