Saturday, August 8, 2015

Baxter Pass, Colorado

Sometimes the surmisaling pays off. Figuring if there was a set of canyons on the west side -- Colorado Nat'l Mon -- I surmised there must be a corresponding set on the other. Baxter Pass Road looked like it might fit the bill. And although it wasn't nearly as dramatic, it kept us entertained for a few days. 

Near the top it got too steep and I walked most, not all, of the last mile. On my way back I watched as a jeep bounced it's way up and recalled a friend who confided that some day I too wouldn't miss my lost libido. 

Although I (still, thank god) hope that day never comes, I was able to savor the lost compulsion, tossed in a glacier-fed lake in Central Oregon somewhere in my mid-teens, to summit every hilltop. 

This herd of chukkars led the way for a while.