Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Shooting Place

It was getting late on Nov 15 as we pulled out of Prescott. The road wound through the mountains, campspots tucked into steep-sided valleys. They'd be inviting if you've no 'clinations tuh claustrophobia AND aren't driving anything bigger than a pickup.

It was near dark as we made camp on Forest Rd 71 a few miles above Wilhoit. (Google maps shows 72 but not 71. We camped at what I surmise was Wilhoit Spring but Maps shows the spring on FR 72. The one we were on was clearly signed as FR 71. It's abt a mile N of FR 72.)

Wilhoit Spring (dry) is 50 feet to the left

The tender light of morning (above) brought a train of trucks, all driven by middle-aged white guys. Along about the fifth one my curiosity inspired me to ask if there was a party. "Ain't no party," he said, "It's a practical pistol shooting competition. There'll be over 200 guys here in a little while." 

A crack shot with a .357, I allowed as how I could take his nose off at 20 feet and inquired if it was open to the public. He grinned and invited me to come on down.

Several more went by for a total of maybe 20. One or two had someone riding shotgun but most were by themselves; hardly 200. 

We stopped at the overlook to observe the smog that blankets the area for miles around Phoenix. Do you suppose word has gotten around and that's why folks from around the world no longer come here?

For documentation purposes...

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