Thursday, July 31, 2014

Platoro, Colorado - Good Eats & Propane

The road follows the Conejos river and although the views are beautiful, the fish are experienced. After several days I ran out of food. 

The southside of town consists of a grocery/cafe. It's a family affair and has a welcoming atmosphere. The owner gave me a deal on four frozen ribeye steaks and when I asked about wifi he explained they didn't have enough bandwidth to make it available to the public. 

The rain had kept me from making breakfast and there's nothing I enjoy more than a steak. When Peggy (shown below) asked how I wanted it, I said I liked it lightly seared, but basically raw. She then delivered an aphorism that described the idea: "You want it dehorned, its ass wiped and chased through the fire." It was one of the best I've had; she also makes wonderful desserts.

The Lodge stolidly dominates the north side of town. Their inventory includes some fishing tackle and a few groceries and gifty items. They also sell propane, rent ATVs, have a guest laundry and (apparently) gleaned their interpersonal skills from a paleo text. The desk clerk took smug delight (yuh gotta get yer jollies where yuh can, right?) in answering with a single-syllable negative when I asked if the password to the wifi could be had. End of conversation. 

It rained all afternoon while I did laundry and read the travel issue of High Country News (Apr 14, 2014, Vol. 46 No.6).

It looks better from a distance. Please say hi to Peggy for me.